Creating your HyperComply Knowledge Base

HyperComply Support

A robust HyperComply Knowledge Base allows us to accurately autofill as much of each security questionnaire you submit as possible. This document outlines the best practices for seeding your HyperComply Knowledge Base to ensure you have the best experience.

1. Review your repository of security and compliance-related files

Look for thoroughly completed security questionnaires - the more thorough the questions and answers, the greater ability to accurately complete future questionnaires. Additionally, standardized questionnaires such as SIG, CAIQ, and VSA are highly recommended.

Other documents, including policy documents, compliance certifications, audit reports, pen test results, etc. are necessary for a complete understanding of your security posture and should be included.

2. Select the highest quality questionnaires

Of the materials identified, we recommend selecting at least 10 of the highest quality files based on accuracy, completeness, and recency. If there is a questionnaire you reference to answer other questionnaires, please be sure to include it.

If you want to provide additional information for a more robust Knowledge Base, please let us know and we will share a standardized Core Compliance questionnaire for you to complete.

3. Schedule a 15-min call with your CSM

Your CSM will make sure you have collected all the files you need to set up your Knowledge Base. During this 15-min call your CSM will give you access to your HyperComply account and will teach you how to submit files.

That’s it! HyperComply will import your reference materials and build your Knowledge Base. Your next step is to schedule a training call with your CSM.

If you have any questions about the Knowledge Base and/or what documents you need to collect please contact your CSM.