Centralize, share, and control your security details

HyperComply supports your security documentation workflows with knowledge management, public and private sharing, and audit trails built right in.

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Centralize, share, and control your security details

Security and sales solutions

See how HyperComply supports your team

Whether you’re a Sales executive trying to close deals faster or a Security leader trying to maintain your company’s compliance HyperComply is here to simplify your ongoing processes.

Security profile and knowledge base

One security source of truth

Centralize security details and documents from across your team to ensure consistency and access control.

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    Get a jumpstart from existing docs

    Upload previous security questionnaires and all of your policy docs to quickly establish a baseline of security information

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    Approve your Security Profile

    HyperComply will fill out a Security Profile for you based on your shared information with answers to the most common security questions

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    Leverage a custom Knowledge Base

    All of your documents live in a searchable Knowledge Base for easy access in future security reviews or one-off questions

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    Keep security information up to date

    Set expiration dates on documents so your team is always using the most up to date reference material

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    Easy and flexible admin controls

    See where your security information is being used, and create custom roles to give your team the right amount of access

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respond to security questionnaires

Accelerate enterprise sales

When you can't deflect a questionnaire, HyperComply autofills your answers to complete reviews 12x faster.

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    Autofill security questionnaires

    HyperComply autofills security answers using machine learning with 92%+ accuracy, and adds a human review to ensure quality

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    Automate questionnaires in all forms

    Upload any questionnaire in XLS, DOC, PDF or even a web portal and HyperComply will autocomplete it for you

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    Collaborate in Slack and Teams

    When new questions come up, send them to teammates and get fast responses via email or Slack

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    Answer security questions from anywhere

    Give your team access to your custom security knowledge base using the Chrome extension for fast and accurate answers anytime, anywhere

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    Export and submit in just days

    Complete questionnaires in as little as 1 business day and submit back to your customer in their original format

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Connect your security and sales workflows

Submit security questionnaires to HyperComply right from Salesforce and track the progress of your sales cycle.

Teammates can see and respond to security questions directly from Slack so you get answers even faster.

Automatically sync your current security controls so questionnaires include your most up-to-date information.

Trust page

No more manual questionnaires

Publish a Trust Page to proactively share your security information with customers—without a lengthy security questionnaire.

A trust allow for automatically sharing security documentation
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    Deflect security questionnaires

    Share your compliance details publicly with customers and partners to deflect up to 75% of questionnaires and close deals faster

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    Manage content visibility and access

    You decide exactly what's shown on your Trust Page, and who can download files directly or request access to your information

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    Share documentation privately

    When you approve a document request, HyperComply automatically creates a secure Data Room to share, with optional NDA gating and watermarking

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    Launch a custom Trust Page in minutes

    Publish a Trust Page based on the information that's already in your HyperComply Security Profile and customize to fit your brand

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Data Rooms

Seamless sharing, securely

Data Rooms are the quickest and easiest way to securely share sensitive documents with customers and partners—while maintaining control of your information.

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    Pass due diligence faster

    Securely share security documents with your prospects to quickly pass due diligence and accelerate sales

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    Send a Data Room in minutes

    Set up and send a Data Room in minutes by pulling from your existing document library in HyperComply

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    Track room engagement & activity 

    Always know when your recipients have viewed or downloaded files in your Data Room

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    Version control made easy

    Add, auto-expire and delete documents as needed to maintain a central source of truth for your security information

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A data room allows secure sharing of your security documents

Make your security posture a strategic advantage

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