What's a security questionnaire anyway?


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Basics and best practices for security questionnaires

Security experts from the Cloud Security Alliance, Vendr, and HyperComply share their insights on using security questionnaires to keep your company's data safe and build customer trust.

What are security questionnaires and why do companies use them?

In this webinar, a panel of Security experts chat about creating and using security questionnaires—and share their best practices for sending and responding to questionnaires in the sales process.

You’ll learn:

  • Why companies use security questionnaires
  • Who should be involved in a security questionnaire
  • What a security questionnaire includes
  • Why companies need security questionnaires—even if they have their SOC 2

What to expect:

John, Kim, and Kelli will spend ~30 minutes discussing security questionnaire basics and best practices, followed by some Q&A.