How to improve Sales efficiency... without firing Sales people


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Best practices for driving efficiency across Sales teams

Right now, many companies are facing tough decisions about how they can increase revenue while also cutting internal costs to weather the current market.

In some cases the knee-jerk reaction is to immediately cut headcount and lay off staff (with Sales often one of the first teams impacted). But using this time to double-down on new processes and practices to drive efficiency will give companies short-term stability and long-term gains.

How can Sales teams drive efficiency this quarter without cutting headcount?

In this webinar, a panel of Sales leaders chat about strategy at Autobooks and HyperComply — and share their best practices for driving efficiency in Sales organizations.

You’ll learn:

  • How to automate key workflows to save time across the team
  • The importance of adapting KPIs to focus on metrics within your control
  • Where you can cut costs outside of headcount

What to expect:

Alley and Ryan will spend ~30 minutes discussing how they are navigating the current market in their Sales orgs, followed by some Q&A.


  • Alley Newman, Sales Manager at Vidyard
  • Ryan Frampton, Head of Sales at HyperComply