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Whistic works if you only need to use security information in one way. But when you need to leverage your security data to share information in multiple ways, HyperComply is a more flexible security platform.

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How we compare



Send Vendor Assessments Yes Yes
Publish a Trust Page Yes Yes
Share Docs in Data Rooms Yes No
Automated Questionnaire Completion Yes No
Certified Expert Questionnaire Review Yes No
Knowledge Base Browser Extension Yes No
Web Portal Questionnaire Support Yes No

Stress-free knowledge management

Stop wasting time fighting Whistic's strict formatting requirements to import a reference questionnaire. With HyperComply, simply upload any file in any format to your account and we handle the rest.

Eliminate friction & close deals

Whistic users can only export questionnaires into an Excel file. HyperComply will export in your native format, so the completed questionnaire and any reference files are shared with prospects in the format they expect.  

One platform, multiple benefits

Unlike Whistic, HyperComply makes it easy to leverage your security information across an entire security platform. Use Data Rooms, Trust Page, and automated security questionnaires to accelerate everyday security tasks.


Why HyperComply?

Centralize Information

Reduce your workload by empowering teams with a source of truth for security information.

Get the Best of Both

HyperComply was the first to combine ML + expert reviews to get the best questionnaire results.

Win Deals With Accuracy

Our Respond customers benefit from an industry-leading 92% accuracy.

Do More By Doing Less

Deflect security questionnaires with a public 24/7 Trust Page.

Use Existing Processes

Decide which documents are public, NDA gated, watermarked, or need approvals.

Maintain Compliance

Quickly and consistently assess vendors and retain your security certification.

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