Trust on demand: Introducing HyperComply Trust Pages

January 31, 2023
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Nothing makes your stomach drop quite like a security questionnaire landing in your inbox on a Friday afternoon. Sure, every questionnaire is a potential new customer, which is great news for your Sales team and the company’s bottom line. But while the revenue teams are celebrating, you’re seeing your relaxing weekend with family replaced with frantic document shuffling and tedious copy-pasting to answer vague and redundant security questions.

Companies need to build trust with their customers and partners to solidify deals and continue to grow. With data breaches and security hacks happening every single day, security information is more important than ever–but security questionnaires aren’t. Rather than the inefficient status quo, security leaders need a faster, simpler way to securely share their security information with customers, and to assess their vendors’ security posture, too. 

Introducing Trust Pages

HyperComply has gotten really good at helping our customers respond to security questionnaires faster (12x faster!) by automating responses with machine learning and human review. But even better than automating a legacy process is replacing it entirely with something stronger and more streamlined. 

Today we’re excited to introduce that very solution: Trust Pages, the best way to proactively build trust with partners and customers by securely sharing your security information. 

And now you can get started with a Trust Page trial—for free!

Deflect security questionnaires

Rather than waiting for security questionnaires to come in at the tail end of a sales deal, a public Trust Page allows both Security and Sales teams to take a proactive approach to security reviews. Early in the sales cycle, Sales leads can share a fully customized Trust Page with a potential customer, to build trust in the relationship and avoid up to 75% of manual security questionnaires.

Establish a public security posture 

When all security knowledge lives in HyperComply, you know that your team is always sharing current, accurate, consistent information and avoiding potential liability. And best of all, your Trust Page will stay up-to-date as you add new documents and security details to HyperComply in the future.

Manage document access

While your security posture is shared publicly on a Trust Page, there are likely certain details and documents that you want to keep private. With HyperComply, you can manage exactly what’s shown on your Trust Page, and specify which files are publicly accessible. For sensitive information, access requests, NDA gating, and document watermarking ensure your information is secure and controlled.

Customize to build your brand

Trust Pages are purpose-built to fit seamlessly into your brand and marketing materials. Upload your logo, add your own imagery and description, and choose a custom URL to create a positive brand experience that showcases your company.

Want to see a Trust Page in action? See how HyperComply is sharing our own security information to help proactively build trust with our customers.

Turn your security posture into a strategic advantage

Security reviews don’t all follow one predictable framework or formula. With the addition of Trust Pages, HyperComply is now able to help Security teams build a foundation for security information and manage compliance reviews in any format.

Build a security source of truth for your team

Stop digging through layers of intranet folders and messaging other teams to crowdsource up-to-date security information. Upload previous questionnaires to HyperComply along with your current policy documents to build your Knowledge Base and Security Profile. If you use Drata or Vanta to achieve and maintain compliance certifications, you can easily sync those controls with HyperComply as well. With a shared knowledge base, everyone at your company knows exactly where to go to find current security answers that can be shared with customers and partners. 

Proactively build trust with customers and partners

When a potential new customer is on your radar, share your public Trust Page so they can easily see your security information. They’ll be able to review your compliance details at a glance and request additional information in the areas they care most about. Not only does a Trust Page show you take security seriously, but it often deflects time-consuming manual security questionnaires.

Securely share sensitive compliance documents

Email is one of the least secure channels of communication, and one of the most likely to be compromised. Instead of sending your sensitive information in an unsecured email, use a Data Room to upload private files, share with a customer, and track access and activity. And by setting auto-expire rules you’ll ensure that customers are only seeing current, accurate information.

Accelerate sales with automated security questionnaires

While proactive measures can greatly reduce the number of questionnaires you get, companies working in regulated industries or selling to enterprise customers are still likely to get manual security reviews. When this happens, HyperComply can automate questionnaire responses with 92% accuracy and return them in as little as 1 business day. No more copying and pasting tedious answers–just a few minutes to review and you can invest your time in more strategic security work.

Centralize vendor due diligence reviews

For companies maintaining a SOC 2 certification, conducting ongoing vendor security reviews is essential. With Due Diligence, you can automate the vendor review process, send templated security questionnaires, and keep an audit-ready paper trail of vendor security details.

Scalable, efficient security with HyperComply

With the latest updates in the HyperComply platform, we are now the all-in-one solution for CISOs and InfoSec leaders who need to enable customer-facing teams, consolidate security information, and create scalable security review processes. Thanks to HyperComply, customers are streamlining day-to-day operations so they can get meaningful time back to focus on the security priorities that matter most to their organizations.

Current HyperComply customers with an existing Security Profile can get started with a Trust Page right away. If you’re not already a customer, our team is ready to help you create a custom security knowledge base, and publish your public Trust Page. Start a free trial of HyperComply Trust Pages today to experience it for yourself, no credit card required.