HyperComply's Guide to Sharing SOC2 Reports: Making Compliance Easy and Secure

By Emma Horsfield
January 5, 2024
In this article:

At HyperComply, we specialize in secure data rooms and Trust Pages, simplifying the process of sharing SOC2 reports for companies. We understand the common queries and challenges faced by service organizations regarding SOC1 and SOC2 reports. Let's address these questions, emphasizing how HyperComply streamlines the sharing process.

Are SOC Reports Public Documents?

Neither SOC1 nor SOC2 reports are public documents; they are intended for a limited audience. However, this doesn't mean they can't be shared. HyperComply ensures secure and compliant sharing of these reports with enterprise-grade features including:

  • User-Specific watermarking
  • NDA signature and gating
  • Role-based sharing permissions
  • Document tracing
  • Activity logging

Do I Have to Share My SOC Report?

Sharing your SOC report is not mandatory, but it can be beneficial. Many clients require SOC reports for assurance about your control environment. HyperComply makes this sharing process seamless and secure.

Proving Compliance Without Sharing the SOC Report

It's challenging to demonstrate compliance without sharing your SOC report. HyperComply's solutions enable you to share these reports securely with the necessary parties, thus evidencing your compliance.

Can I Share My SOC Report? Who Can I Share it With?

You can share your SOC reports within the limits specified in the report. HyperComply allows you to control and monitor who accesses your SOC reports, ensuring compliance with distribution restrictions.

Using SOC Report in Marketing

While SOC1 and SOC2 reports cannot be used in marketing or posted on websites, SOC3 reports can be. HyperComply helps you navigate these nuances and use the appropriate reports effectively in your marketing.

Validity of SOC Reports

SOC reports are valid for the period they cover, typically accepted for about a year after issuance. HyperComply helps you manage and update these reports efficiently.

A More Secure & Efficient Way to Share SOC Reports

HyperComply revolutionizes the way you share SOC reports. Our secure data rooms and Trust Pages ensure that your SOC reports are shared securely, with appropriate parties, and in compliance with non-disclosure agreements.

Book time with our team to learn how HyperComply can fit into your existing compliance management program.