Introducing the HyperComply and Drata Integration

By Cody Wright
May 3, 2023
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Leverage your SOC and ISO controls to complete security questionnaires 18x faster.

We’ve all been there. Right when you think you’re about to close a deal with an important client, you get hit with a 300+ question security questionnaire. The deal gets pushed to next week and your team spends dozens of hours scrambling to get the questionnaire filled out manually. You’ve got a SOC2 but it’s not immediately clear how you can leverage it to answer some of those questions and you’d like to keep your answers for future use but don’t know where to start. 

Achieving compliance and unlocking sales with Drata + HyperComply

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be your reality. With HyperComply’s Drata integration you can seamlessly automate your compliance journey and showcase your security and compliance information. Drata streamlines getting and staying compliant, and HyperComply makes it equally easy to share your up-to-date compliance information from Drata into security questionnaires to build trust with your customers and prospects. 

Sync in a single click

Bring your policies and controls from Drata into HyperComply in one click to build your security source of truth,access that information across the HyperComply platform, and use it to fill out security questionnaires 18x faster.

Deflect security questionnaires

The only thing better than automating a security questionnaire is not having to fill one out in the first place. Deflect questionnaires by publishing your compliance information on a public Trust Page.

Strengthen your knowledge base

Your synced Drata information enhances your knowledge base and reinforces the questionnaires we automatically complete for you. 

HyperComply + Drata, better together

Siloed information isn’t valuable. With the latest HyperComply and Drata integration, you can get the most out of the compliance information you worked to collect and leverage your security posture to build trust. Existing HyperComply customers can add our new integration to their accounts today and get started at no additional cost. 

Want to learn more about how we work together? Request a demo of HyperComply and ask about our exclusive pricing for Drata customers.